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Ad Spoofs: Shaving Clubs

In this second installment of Ad Spoofs, we take on shaving clubs.
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Tangled Apron Strings

Michelle and son on Halloween
The Role I Like To Play

I won’t deny that I like to plan heavily themed parties. Now that I have kids I have an excuse, if you will. However, I was planning decked out parties for my family and friends years before I had children.
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Other Recent Posts

Photo Chop Shop
President Trump demonstrates Flowbee on Robert Kadelc
Defense Production Act Invoked For Flowbee

President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act for the Flowbee.
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Photo Chop Shop
North Korean discussion about custard making
Kim Jong Un Inspects Ice Cream Maker

A previously released photo showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and scientists inspecting a nuclear device has turned out to be a fake.
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Photo Chop Shop
Chris Christie and The Three Stooges
More Chris Christie Beach Memes

Couldn’t resist joining in on the Chris Christie beach memes.
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Halloween Cartoon
Halloween Toon

Happy Halloween!
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