Ad Spoofs: Shaving Clubs

Penny-pinchers Shave Club logo

Here’s how it works

Delivery: For a buck a month, we’ll imprint a sophomoric saying onto a flimsy cardboard box, stuff it with a few shaving items, leave it on your doorstep, ring your doorbell and run.

Lifetime Commitment: We keep sending them whether you like it or not. Just try and cancel…we dare you!


Get our starter kit

Cardboard box

crumpled cardboard box with Penny-pinchers logo

Rusty razor

Rusty Razor Head

Coupon for free tetanus shot

Free Tetanus Shot Coupon

Pouch of 100 pre-torn toilet paper bits to cover your nicks and cuts

Pouch of toilet paper bits


Three Reasons to Try Penny-Pinchers Shave Club

outlined graphic of money bills

Save money – You’ll pay dollar store prices, for dollar store quality.

outlined graphic of Earth

Help the environment – All of our blades are recycled. We use only blades scoured from the finest garbage cans and dumpsters.


outlined graphic of crowd of people

Join an exclusive group of other enthusiasts who care enough about shaving to join a club.


Check out our innovative razors

The Deuce

The Deuce double-headed razor

It took us decades of years of research to design this two-headed razor with double the life and double the danger of single-headed razors.


The Terminator

The Terminator razor with built-in retractable styptic pencil

Includes a built-in, retractable styptic pencil to stop the bleeding from all those cuts you’ll get on our quality blades.


The Bump Buster

Bump Buster Razor with built-in shock absorber

Built-in shock absorber for smoother sailing over warts, pimples, and razor bumps.


The Two Footer

The Two Footer razor with telescoping handle

Revolutionary 24-inch telescoping handle. Great for back hair and other hard to reach places.


Join Penny-Pinchers Shave Club today!



  1. Misty Ellison
    | Permalink

    This is great! I’m not sure which wonderful razor to order……perhaps the Two-Footer!

  2. Narinda Puri
    | Permalink

    Where’s bowl of gin?

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