Bits & Pieces

Gary looking in dryer
Becoming Mr. Fixit

There are two groups of people: Those who break things, and those who fix them. Which one you belong to is dependent on the presence or absence of a special “Fix-it” gene in your DNA.
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Tangled Apron Strings

Michelle doing housework
I Hate Housework

Jane “Conehead” Curtin really pegged it. Most earthlings don’t like to clean. It’s such a cliche to complain about it but it is the truth. If you have never picked up a broom or if you are Paris Hilton then you don’t need to read any further. You won’t understand.
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Other Recent Posts

Halloween Cartoon
Halloween Toon

Happy Halloween!
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More Backups in New Jersey - Cartoon
More Backups in New Jersey

It’s time for more backups in New Jersey…
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Photo Chop Shop
Lady Gaga - The Garden Hose outfit
Upcoming Lady Gaga Outfits

A sneak peek at Lady Gaga’s ever-expanding wardrobe.
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