Fish Talk

If our new fish “Blue” could speak he would hold up a sign that read “Help!” The fact that he has made it through the week is amazing. He has been overfed, “pet” by my son Brandon, forced to cohabit with tiny Superman figures and playing cards and swim in a mixture of tap water and pink lemonade. Just the other day my son came to me and said, “Mommy SOMEBODY put soap in the fishie’s tank.”  Om and deep breathe. This poor creature. I think of him a bit like the fish in “The Cat In The Hat” but much more sullen. Now I find myself becoming very maternal with him. I feed him because, “he looks hungry.” Call it the Italian mother in me but I cant help wanting to take care of him.

I guess we were on shaky ground when we brought him home and my son was insistent that we name him “Nobody.” I wasn’t interested in having to deal with fish angst so I convinced him that our little fishy would be much happier with a less self deprecating name. No doubt, “Blue” is not ideal if you’re in the market for “happy” but it is a step up.


Fish Bowl Cartoon

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